DevOps Training Courses

This is a two day hands on classroom based technical training course with an ongoing project designed to help you with continued learning. On completion of the two day class learners are awarded a DevOps Professional Certificate by IConff. Assessment is by the practical tasks performed over the two days. There is no exam.

This training is designed to fully prepare you for a role as a DevOps Engineer and is ideal for those actively looking to enter the DevOps space who have little or no experience or those just looking to significantly enhance their knowledge in the area. The project started after the two day classroom is done remotely and at your own pace this means you are able to continue your training alongside your current responsibilities such as work, study and childcare.

To provide a well rounded and unrivalled training course, we also cover DevOps interview preparation as a free optional bolt-on to the course as well as examine typical tasks in the day of a DevOps engineer not always covered in training courses but are essential in a DevOps engineer’s routine.

This course is designed and taught by a Senior DevOps Engineer.


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This beginners course will cover:


  • Overview
  • CICD
  • Pipeline
  • Infrastructure

Source Control Management

  • Github

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins

Build tools

  • Maven


  • Selenium

Configuration Management

  • Ansible

Infrastructure build tool

  • Terraform

Continuous Deployment

  • Docker

Continuous Monitoring

  • Nagios

Container Management

  • Kubernetes

Cloud Provider

  • AWS

DevOps Engineer’s Tasks

DevOps Engineer Interview Preparation


* Laptop minimum pentium3 or equivalent with 2 gig free space

* Ideally linux knowledge (otherwise free short pre course provided)


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